Hiring Electrical Contractors in Salem OR to Work on Outdoor Projects

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Electrical Contractors

Electrical Contractors in Salem OR help homeowners extend their living space outdoors with a variety of features that require power. People commonly want to light outside for patios, decks and even boat docks. They may like the idea of an outdoor kitchen that requires some electrical power to run certain features. An additional outlet placed strategically on the exterior of the home allows them to keep using a laptop computer when the battery is depleted.

An Outdoor Heating System

Summers tend to be cool in this part of the country, and spring and fall tend to be pretty chilly. Electrical Contractors in Salem OR can make sure the wiring is sufficient for an outdoor heating system that won’t break the bank. A firepit is great, but it’s not a convenient option when someone just wants to enjoy a cup of coffee before heading out to work.


On warm weekend nights, the home’s residents and their guests can routinely enjoy cooking out and relaxing on the deck or patio. They might have a screened-in area if mosquitoes get to be a problem. Various types of lighting can be installed, including motion detectors that light up when wildlife strolls into the yard. A couple of floodlights can be helpful on waterfront property when a pontoon boat is used after the sun goes down.

Sound System

Although the kitchen is often considered the heart of the house, that place of family and friends gathering and enjoying everyone’s company can easily be outside when the weather is cooperative. A contractor from a company such as Safety Electric Inc. can install an outdoor sound system for parties and other gatherings. Speakers direct the sound to specific points in the backyard. Everyone is impressed as they try to figure out where the music is coming from.

Additional Projects

As long as the electrician is on the property, this is an ideal time to have additional exterior projects done that the customers have been thinking about. For instance, somebody may want to start running power tools like an air compressor on occasion, but the wiring by the garage may not be adequate for this. The contractor can make additions and upgrades as needed.

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